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Geralt Needs Some More Action and Detective Scenes!


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I understand that during filming Henry Cavill suffered a hamstring injury so this along with dealing with COVID protocols likely significantly affected production. But in season 3 there are no excuses.

The Witcher setting is so rich, and Cavill puts a ton of work into his body. Its a complete waste for him not to have more action sequences. Episode 1 was probably my favorite episode of the season. And for much of that episode it was Geralt and Ciri getting accustomed to one another and plotting their next move. But in between time we could tell something wasn't quite right about his friend's new situation.

We need need more detective Geralt. The endings to his little monster hunting cases are always the twisted bittersweet variety. I still feel like this is where The Witcher shines brightest. These larger plot points have yet to really deliver like the briefer short stories.

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