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Yennefer's Magic Problem Was A Bad Plotline


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Let me be the first to say that I found Yennefer's magic problem to be a bad plotline. In season 1 she is this a weak oppressed person that is manipulated and lied to. She ends up becoming confident and powerful. But then in season 2 all of a sudden she's weak and unsure of herself again, all because she lost her magic. I didn't like that at all. When you look at her story as part of a greater whole, it makes sense, there are no issues with it. But as a Yennefer fan, I'm like please give her something cool to do. Don't make her weak, scared and desperate!  Much of her screen time was annoying to watch because they basically erased all her character progress from season 1. At the end even Geralt was annoyed by her and that's saying alot! Thankfully we are past that problem now. I expect her to have a much better plotline and overall character showcase in season 3.

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