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Do You Think Starfield Should Force Players To Choose A Particular Build Or Let Players Be Masters of Everything?


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I think this is an interesting question. On one hand as an RPG it would be cool to have to choose a path like say in Dragon Age and that's the only class or skill set that you can upgrade throughout the game. This helps create a more personal journey for the player and also likely generates the desire for the player to have multiple playthroughs of one game. The problem with this choice though is that Bethesda games are well known for being true single player experiences. Meaning in the past although we've been able to add a temporary companion or two we don't have a party that is traveling with us throughout the game. If we get locked in to one playstyle over 20 -100 hours that would be disappointing for most.

Now on the other hand, by letting players be masters of everything ensures that we'll be able to dip our hands in all the cookie jars so to speak and enjoy just about all the features of the games in one playthrough. I think there are pros and cons to both ideas. In the past I've read that a Bethesda executive refer to Starfield as their Han Solo simulator. And I have to admit, upon hearing those words, my mind takes off with all kinds of possibilities. One them is the idea we would have a crew that is with us almost every step of the way. If these guys deploy with us whenever we touch down on a new planet it would add a new dynamic that is not present in recent Bethesda games(Elder Scrolls, Fallout).  As a player I would want them to have their own unique skills, and personalities, and it would make perfect sense then, to restrict players from being masters of everything so we can properly depend on the abilities of our crews.


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