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Will Battlefield 2042's Chances Be Shafted By Halo Infinite's Surprise Release?

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I think this is a great point. I'd love to be a fly on the wall behind closed doors to see how the battlefield team views the additional competition with Halo Infinite.

On the one hand their could be great concern. Battlefield 2042 is all multiplayer and is retailing for $70 while Halo Infinite is free to play. But I think they'll compete more in the amount of time and attention players will spend with each game. Since Halo technically doesn't cost anything extra to play, players that want to play Battlefield won't have to worry about spending an extra $70 to play it. They can play both. I think what's more important, will be the state of Battlefield 2042 gameplay. Will it be smooth? Will there be graphical and technical issues? I know in the past there were some issues upon release, and I think that could play a bigger part if it doesn't sell well. Players that play these types of games remember .


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