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Lies of P Alpha Gameplay Teaser Trailer Discussion


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  • Jim changed the title to Lies of P Alpha Gameplay Teaser Trailer Discussion
  • The music fits the visuals and atmosphere perfectly.
  • And then we have that ominous "wake up son" voiceover which I think is likely Geppetto
  • The combat looks engaging so far. It's a mix of magic and melee.
  • I was hoping for an early look at the "lie system" which has been setup for the game but we'll have to wait some more before we get additional info on that.
  • All things being equal though, I think response has been pretty positive based on what's been put out so far with this game.
  • I'm also wondering if Geppetto is the bad guy.
  • Did he create us to clean up all of his other mechanical abominations that seemed to have been littered about the city?
  • From the first cinematic trailer it seems like there has been some type of plague as well.
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