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Demon Slayer : Mugen Train Arc Episode 4 - Insult Discussion


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Finally Tanjiro wakes up! We got to see some more cool action scenes. Nezuko is adorable as always. I enjoyed that one brief moment after Tanjiro cuts off the head, Tanjiro begins to considers that perhaps he's still dreaming? Once again I get inception level vibes here. A dream within a dream. Although it appears that this is resolved and Tanjiro is actually now awake a thought does occur to me. That perhaps,  in reality, everyone is still asleep but Rengoku and he has been fighting Enmu alone all this time, while simultaneously defending every passenger on the train. That would be some heavy heavy trickery. What if the conversation between Rengoku and Tanjiro at the beginning was also a dream. Tanjiro wakes up and discovers a half-dead Rengoku that reveals he did know something about Tanjiro's father but he succumbs to his wounds before he gets a chance to tell Tanjiro. That would fit the saw but sweet vibe that this anime has kicked off with. It is times like these that I'm glad that I never read the manga and so I have no idea what's going to come next!

Also Inosuke's seeming revival at the end was pretty awesome. I love watching his fighting style!

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