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Dallas Cowboys vs Minnesota Vikings Discussion


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Wow what a game. Dak looked great in warm ups but was still a scratch for this game. Deep down inside I feel like the Cowboys were just playing coy to force the Vikings to gameplan for Dak(a lot of extra work for nothing for the Vikings)

At the end of the day the entire team did what they needed to do to win. Cooper Rush threw for over 300 yards. Amari Cooper showed why he gets paid the big bucks. He made some huge catches. Zeke didn't get 100 yards rushing but he did have a huge play in the 4th that secured the first down in crunch time and ultimately led to Amari Cooper's go ahead touchdown. And the Cowboys defense got stop after stop! The Vikings wer 1 of 13 on 3rd down. That's 7%! Wow.

As for the Viking fans I know that had to be a tough loss. With Dak out, this was a great chance for the Vikings to steal one. The Cowboys are just on a roll right now.

On to the next one!😎

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