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Zack Snyder's Compares His Upcoming Netflix Movie Rebel Moon, To Man of Steel's Opening Scenes On Krypton But 'On The Biggest Steroids'

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I recall reading an article awhile back claiming that Zack Snyder had pitched a movie idea for Star Wars. After learning that Rebel Moon was that project, it has me really excited to see what it is. Even though I currently don't know any details about the project. The fact that Zack compares Rebel Moon to Man of Steel's Krypton scenes, on steroids makes it very enticing!

When I first saw Man of Steel way back in 2013, like a lot of people, I felt like I was watching one of the coolest sci-fi movies ever made. And after watching the entire movie, a part of me, wished I could have had just seen a movie featuring Krypton, no earth involved. The tech was cool, the visuals were great, it was a race against time before the planet was destroyed and for some reason General Zodd is being punished even while the planet is breaking apart in some type of odd ceremony that basically saves the very people you are supposed to be punishing???🧐 It didn't make a lot of sense to me but it looked spectacular and I wish I had a chance to learn more.

I had a similar feeling in regard to Thor 1. It felt like the earth scenes were so boring when compared to Asgard. In retrospect, Disney should have just contained everything to Asgard and Jotenheim. Show us all the cool tech and mythical civilizations that everyone on earth is completely oblivious too. Show Thor being a vain, greedy brat with a heroic good heart. That would have made a fantastic movie. And then at the end, Thor stops Loki but still gets punished by Odin by being banished to earth with only a fraction of his power, in order to humble him and prove himself worthy. Then in Thor 2, after the Avengers have stopped Loki, Thor would return to Asgard triumphant, having just saved Midgar with Loki as his prisoner.

I went on a bit of a tangent there but you get the point. Sometimes movie studios forget what makes fans want to go see fantasy and sci-fi in the first place. We don't necessarily need to see earth. We want to go somewhere we've never been before, we want to see something we've never seen before. We want to watch the characters go on cool journeys and fight strange enemies with interesting backstories and it would be nice if the writers would mix in a thing or two about the human condition somewhere along the way. .

I can't wait to learn more about this movie. From a quick search online, it seems production starts early 2022 so some people are speculating Rebel Moon will drop sometime in 2023.

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