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One Piece 1029 Discussion


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  • What in the world is going on with Sanji? It doesn't seem to be anything negative if anything its a positive. Just tack on one additional ability for Sanji. Zoro is still my fave non Luffy Straw Hat crew member but I don't want Sanji to fall to far behind power scaling wise.
  • I'm not really impressed by the whole Big Mom Kidd fight. Kidd was kinda cool early on. I know he is a strong Haki user but I really don't have a strong interest in seeing him beat Big Mom. I'm not opposed to it but there has been no real set up for it. But ultimately I want to see the big heavyweight fight between Luffy and Kaido. No more interruptions, commercial breaks, or timeouts. Let's get to it!
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  • Jim changed the title to One Piece 1029 Discussion

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