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Marvin Bagley's agent blasts Sacramento Kings after forward left out of rotation: 'This is a case study in mismanagement'


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I will admit I haven't seen Marvin Bagley too much but I have to say I'm not surprised that this is happening. Coach Luke Walton nearly derailed Julius Randle's career. He was notorious for giving Julius inconsistent playing time. He never really had a dedicated spot in the rotation while he was under Luke. So I find it highly suspicious that another player that's still on a rookie contract is having the same kind of trouble. The fact that the top agent in the league in terms of contract value came out and to make a complaint speaks volumes.

In the NBA you gotta give these young guys consistent playing time. This is sad to see. Julius was fortunate because he worked his butt off and ended up on a bad team that brought a coach that is well known for consistently playing his top guys heavy minutes. So he finally had a chance to dig in to a define role and show what he could do. Hopefully Bagley will get a similar opportunity. But no doubt in my mind the longer he stay under Luke Walton the more his career will suffer.


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