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No Time To Die Review: Daniel Craig's Last Movie as James Bond

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  • No Time To Die is an entertaining movie but for me it's a distant third, behind Casino Royale and Skyfall. 
  • It has great cinematography
  • It really does take Daniel Craig's Bond through a complete story arc.
  • Rami Malek has the look of a great villain but he really doesn't do much.
  • Ana de armas was entertaining during her lone sequence as a secondary bond girl but her character was a little lightweight. 
  • Lashana Lynch does well in her role, she gets involved in the action and still delivers a good amount of sophistication that we've come to expect from an MI6 agent.
  • All in all as entertaining as No Time To Die is, I suspect that fans will leave theaters wishing they had a little more meat. Some might even be disappointed but it was still a very enjoyable movie.
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    • By Jim
      My first thoughts are "That's a lot of money just for the rights to stream a couple of sequels." I wonder if the sequels will also release in theaters. The first Knives out was a pleasant surprise. Daniel Craig was great but it was the mystery and the oddball family that made it so memorable, so I'm hoping they can repeat the magic and aren't just kinda milking the franchise so to speak. That being said ,its probably a good sign that Daniel Craig has signed on to do the sequels. I'd like to think at this point in his career he wouldn't attach his name to a project that doesn't have potential. Watching him on screen, he seemed to really enjoy playing his character.
    • By Jim
      I hope the success continues once the movie rereleases this week in the U.S. and at the end of the month in China. It appears Daniel Craig is leaving the Bond role with a bang! I did not see this amount of success coming at all, it makes me want to get out and see the movie!
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