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I'm Just Getting into Hunter X Hunter

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The series has had its ups and downs. So far I'm anime only on this one. I know it will stop eventually as the manga artist went on hiatus due to health reasons.

I like the concept of Nen but this Chimera Arc is a little over the type for me. Too many lows not enough highs. The pacing feels off. That being said I've enjoyed the characters and I'm interested to see where the journey takes Gon and Killua.

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    • By Jim
      This anime has a ton of pacing issues. I would say the pacing is far worse than One Piece. That being said just like One Piece, the world is absolutely vast and Hunter X Hunter somehow contains more of a fantasy feel. It makes you wonder what unique thing is around the next corner.
      I know the manga has been on hiatus but I sure hope it picks up soon because I'd really love to see where the author takes the story from here. I wish him nothing but the best of health moving forward.
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