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What Do You Think of Reminiscence?

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Going into this movie, I didn't quite know what to expect. All I knew is that it was a sci-fi movie starring Hugh Jackman. So I said sign me up!

Although Hugh Jackman is not a police officer, the movie moves like a detective story. He serves as a sort of memory investigator. To put it simply, people come to him when they want to re-live a memory. The police also make use of his services from time to time.

Suffice it to say one day someone important comes along and then they disappear and so Hugh Jackman has to use his skills as this memory investigator to try to track them down. One kind of cool thing about the movie is that Hugh Jackman's character narrates much of the film. So it feels like a very sci-fi noir experience. The setting is unique as it takes place in a sunken Miami, Florida after war and catastrophe has struck the planet and the sea levels are rising.

Pet peeve of my throughout the movie was that Hugh Jackman is constantly biting off more than he can chew. He puts himself in losing situations again and again which can be extremely frustrating. I often felt like I knew what the outcome would be, even before the conflict started.

That being said this is not an action movie. It's all about the story, all about his obsession, with finding this person that's disappeared. While it doesn't have a perfect ending , I still found the journey enjoyable. If you like a sci-fi setting, a good mystery and Hugh Jackman go ahead and give this one a try. Also for you mission impossible fans, you'll enjoy seeing Rebecca Ferguson play and different kind of role. This movie just released on HBO Max.

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