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How Successful Will Valve's New Gaming Handheld, Called The Steam Deck Be?

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I think it will at least enjoy some moderate success as it seems to lack competition in the current marketplace. A handheld that will allow you to play PC games.

One has to wonder, if PC gamers will think it packs enough punch to warrant a purchase. Or maybe the idea is that the reason console gamers don't engage with PC gaming is because the cost has traditionally been to prohibitive. By lowering the barrier to entry to $400 it opens up the PC market to additional consumers that weren't willing to spend $1000 to game on PC.

I have mixed feelings about it personally. Part of the allure for console only gamers is that you just pop in a disc and the game works. No worrying about system requirements. Games are optimized to run on that platform. Will developers start developing games solely for the Steam Deck now? Also what about strategy games like age of empires and Civilization, I imagine the preferred peripheral of choice will always be a mouse and keyboard. Certain PC games just won't work on a handheld device.

Either way though someone needed to challenge Nintendo in the mobile space to keep them honest. I guess we'll have more answers in December, when the Steam Deck is due to be released.

Source - Steam Deck

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