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Phil Spencer Says Avowed and Elder Scrolls are Very Different

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I understand what Phil is saying. Avowed is not a carbon copy of Elder Scrolls. There will be some distinct differences. That being said I think having an ambitious new IP being compared to one of the greatest RPGS of all time is not a bad thing. And from a marketing perspective you don't want to make it seem like they have nothing in common. A lot of people will just read the quote and say oh okay so its not elder scrolls and perhaps instead of being curious they may instead just kind of lose interest and forget about it until it releases and the reviews drop.

If all the team has done is release one trailer and people start hyping up Avowed with the likes of Skyrim that is a very, very, very good thing. I say just ride the wave and see where it takes you.

Obsidian Entertainment has already proven that they have the talent to make an interesting open world RPG. Now that they have a AAA budget give the team a chance to live up to the hype.


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    • By Jim
      What Does Destructible Environments Mean For Gameplay in Avowed?
      One wonders just how destructible the environment will be. Are we talking about I can burn blow a hole through a wall destructible?  Or knock an entire wall down? Are we talking about I can cast a fire spell and light up a tree destructible? Or I can set fire to an entire in-game forest? And what happens when I leave? Will the game remembered that I caused this mayhem? Will the forest stay burned down? Will the wall be repaired by invisible unknown minions? So many questions to answer. This is especially important because according the online chatter so far this is supposed to be an open world RPG and that creates some interesting variables.
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      Long story short, I came to realize that I accidently ran over the guy that was the quest objective! I'm sure there was some awesome quest involving this guy(there were some awesome quests in this game), that involved some nice dialogue and likely a very taxing fight(those physics based sword fights were tricky!). But I never had to do it, because the physics engine took this guy out of commission for me.
      Tying it all Together with the Avowed Destructible Environment Reports
      So it makes me wonder, just how much mayhem and destruction will I be able to cause? I mean, can you imagine there being some tough bandit army or group of dark creatures in a forest that you have to take out? But instead of entering the forest and have this intense battle that has been carefully planned and plotted by the devs, some player just decides to cast a couple of fire spells on the outside of the forest and then starts churning out wind spells. Before you know it, you have a full on forest fire and every quest, quest giver, secret item etc that the devs had planned goes up in flames. I've read some rumors about there being a heavy emphasis on a physics based spell system, if you throw in destructible environments, there is going to be pure mayhem!
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      I think this table looks really cool, they put a lot of knobs and switches on the side, on the far left it looks like there's even a numpad. And then on the table there seems to be more digital buttons and multiple screens. So my question is, will this cool looking digital table be a major gameplay element?
      Of course at this point, there is no way to know. I think it would be awesome if it could conduct some kind of analysis of whatever object you place on the table. Imagine coming on board the ship with some new materials or some new object you've never seen or heard about. You place the object on the table and the ship conducts an analysis and tells you its composition, known places where you can find the material that its made out of, its durability, rather or not its sensitive to light, heat, cold, tells you its weight and mass and all other kinds of cool stuff.
       However, I imagine what is more likely, is that we'll end up using the digital table to review maps, ship data, galactic news etc, basically it will act as some kind of advanced console to access information.
      The teaser trailer was very clearly emphasizing the table so I'm optimistic that we'll get some additional information on it.
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      This is the Xbox/Bethesda showcase reveal of Starfield. Todd Howard starts off with a little commentary at the beginning(he led development of Elder scrolls and Fallout) It's an in-game teaser! (Creation Engine 2) The graphics look pretty amazing, when I first watched the trailer I didn't realize it was in-game footgage. I thought it was a cinematic trailer. My Takeaway
      They should have revealed something else that would get people really hyped. The graphics do look amazing but after 3 years I think its fair to say that fans were expecting a little more meat. It's a enough to keep us from starving for now but we wanted to see a little more
    • By Jim
      Starfield: Details We Know So Far
      "It's an epic about hope, our shared humanity and answering our greatest mystery" - Todd Howard executive producer at Bethesda game studios Starfield will be open world. Players can "be who you want, go where you want, experience our stories, and forge your own." The game will focus on the player as a member of constellation, "the last group of space explorers" The game is set around 300 years in the future. The dev team has mapped out what happens every decade that gets humanity from now to then 
      It's been 25 years in the making. It's a brand new universe  It's been compared to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim but in space. Lead artist Istvan Pely said that the game's aesthetic could be categorized as "NASA punk" The game will get into science and religion
      The game is being powered by the creation engine 2, a brand new engine designed by Bethesda for next gen games. Their will be alien races! The game will support first person and third person perspectives. Starfield will be a more hardcore RPG experience than what Bethesda has done in the past. Todd Howard visited Elon Musk's space X for inspiration and research.  

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