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The Outer Worlds 2 - Official Reveal Trailer and Commentary

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In terms of pure entertainment, the Outer Worlds 2 trailer was my favorite trailer of E3.

Full confession, despite decent review scores from critics and a good friend of mine, I totally skipped the first Outer Worlds!

After watching this trailer, I decided to finally go back and check it out, and I'm happy to admit I made a big mistake. Outer Worlds is pretty fun. I love RPGs, so when I was greeted with an assortment of different background options and skills to choose from in the very beginning I was ecstatic.

My biggest fear from this game is that it was way too silly to me. And while it is a bit over the top, so far I've enjoyed the humor.

So put me on board the Outer Worlds 2 hype train. With Microsoft's backing , I'm hoping that Obsidian has all the funding they need to really push the limits and release a high quality AAA sequel to the original.

I'm already looking forward to Avowed, that 2020 Avowed trailer was awesome.

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