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Should Ben Simmons Be Traded?


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Coming into the NBA I was sure that Ben Simmons was going to be the next big thing. In college he put up crazy numbers and his rookie year he looked amazing. 

Fast forward to this year and I was shocked at his performance on the offensive end. He is immensely talented. I honestly feel like averaging 20 points a game would be easy for him. 

I don't know what happened in the playoffs it seems like he just takes his foot off the gas. In the end maybe a change of scenery is what he needs. But mark my words Ben Simmons is a great basketball player he has a ton of talent and natural gifts. He's going to come back much better than before. I can imagine seeing all these memes and jokes of people talking about him has got to really get under his skin. So I imagine that he's going to be extremely motivated this summer.

I can't wait to see what happens next. If the coach and GM have lost faith in him, I hope he gets traded. But wherever he lands I know he's going to turn some heads he's just too talented to fail.

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