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My Hero Academia Season 5 - Episode 98 - That Which is Inherited


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I can imagine that a lot of anime fans were looking forward to this episode to see how they would animate it.

For me personally the episode on the whole was just okay. But the scene where Deku accidentally unleashes black whip was awesome! They really showed off just how powerful black whip can be when its enhanced by One For All.

Uraraka jumping in immediately to Deku's aid was touching, I'm sure a lot of fans that ship those two loved that.

It's extremely funny to me that Monoma and Shinso are two heroes that have quirks that seem more appropriate for villains then heroes and they are both on the same team.

Observation, it seems like every time Deku encounters Shinso's brainwashing quirk Deku has a interesting reaction with One for All. It seems like these two should just schedule sometime outside of class and just have Shinso use brainwashing continuously so Deku can really start to master One for all and discover all its secrets.

Lastly, I love how Monoma attacked almost instantly once Deku's quirk was back under control and then Shinso does as well a moment later.

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