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New York Knicks sell out 15,000 seats for Games 1 and 2 vs. Atlanta Hawks


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I'm glad to see this. New York fans have been waiting for a winning season and the Knicks have finally delivered. In response they are going to have largest crowd of the postseason so far.

I think people are really sleeping on the Knicks in the post season. The refs tend to swallow the whistle and allow players to get more physical and really dig in a play defense a little bit more. As long as the knicks are hovering around the 95 - 105 point mark I think they are gonna win this series.

Its going to be a great match up thought Nate Mcmillian is a great coach, Trey Young is going to want to show out in the playoffs. This is where you make your name and I know both teams are hungry and eager to prove they belong. Its gonna be a great series!


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