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Starfield rumor claims Tom Cruise is starring in Bethesda's new game


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I'm all for a list Hollywood crossovers into gaming. If we get some great voice acting work because of it, I say the more the merrier. I kinda feel like this rumor maybe stretching it a bit. But Tom Cruise has done his share of Sci-fi movies so its not outside the realm of possibility that he's participating in the project. If he is though, you would think that Bethesda is really focusing on improving the quality of the single player campaign.

It does make you wonder though. If Microsoft and Bethesda have gotten. Tom cruise added to the game then what other stars have they added as well. Its hard for a hero to be great without a great villain.

For the record I loved Bethesda getting Liam Neeson to do some voice work in Fallout three. While Tom Cruise does have a very distinctive voice, I don't quite put it in the same category as Liam Neeson. If Tom is playing a hotshot pilot or ace commander I think it would work though.

Of course at this point this is all just a rumor. But I hope its true

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