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Does Xbox Have a Chance of Outselling PlayStation On This New Generation of Consoles?

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Yes, right now Sony is winning. And they have a well deserved lead, they have consistently delivered high quality exclusive games on their platform for years.

However, recently the winds have been shifting. Xbox has purchased multiple studios the last few years and have a ton of exclusive games in development. Eventually people are going to want to enjoy these unique next gen experiences.

This means that many people that have been buying PlayStation are going to roll the dice and give Xbox a try. Exclusive content is a huge attraction magnet. Many people subscribe to Disney plus just to watch the Mandalorian. In the same way there are a ton of people who have HBO max for their various high quality shows. We all saw how long Netflix was willing to pay the big bucks to keep Friends on their platform.

I don't know why it took so long for Microsoft to realize this but its evident that Phil Spencer(VP of gaming at Microsoft)and/or Sataya Nadella(Microsfot CEO) have finally gotten the memo. Xbox is poised to do big things gaming wise. 

If Xbox gaming was its own separate stock, I would buy, buy, buy.

So yes, with its heavy investment into exclusive content I think 2 and a half years from now Microsoft will start giving Sony a run for its money in terms of console sales.

Its important to keep in mind that Xbox gamepass is currently available on PC as well as the Xbox console. And that is going to be an additional revenue source that Sony doesn't have right now.

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