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One Punch Man Chapter 141 Discussion


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Well Tornado and Blizzard had a touching moment. Outside of that though this chapter was pretty brutal.

Conditions are all set for Saitama or Blast to come save the day. Cyborg will probably come in an steal a chapter or two before they show up  but that's all to the good, his scenes are always hilarious.

I just wish they would get on with a real story. This whole monster association setting is kind of played out. It's had almost no drama or epic scenes from Saitama and we are no closer to learning who the evil Cyborg is that Cyborg is hunting.

Blast is cool though and judging by his scars, by the time this arc gets wrapped up, the heroes will start chasing whatever it is that Blast has been chasing all this time.

Great art as always. I'm looking forward to One Punch Man chapter 142

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