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My Hero Academia Chapter 310 Discussion


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"Things are bound to move more quickly from here on out."

With the other two successors seeming to finally get onboard the train I think Deku is gonna start leveling up at a much faster pace now.

The guy with what looks to be some type of cannon on his arm and scar on his face likely has a pretty flashy quirk. Seems like in trying to defeat All for one he ended up killing a lot of other people in the process. Some people are speculating a Bakugo ancestor based on his facial features and overall outfit but I suspect he's just another Bakugo that is just a super instinctual fighter.

I'm more curious about the guy with the longer hair and the bandanna. I imagine he has a very unique type of quirk just because he looks so basic but he lived through the worst era. So he had to have some means to defend himself.

This chapter introduces a new female character that is pretty tall. I'm sure we'll be seeing her again some time soon. She'll likely serve as a trigger for Deku to level up in an upcoming fight or become part of the main cast, hard to figure at this point.

Overall this chapter felt like mainly exposition, with nothing significant happening...yet. However the words at the end feel ominous. It almost feels like a double entendre. With the previous successors telling Deku that things will move more quickly with One for all from here but it also feels like the author is telling the fans that the series is going to move a lot quicker as well from here.

I guess we'll see!😁 I keep getting the feeling that the author really wants to wrap this series up sometime in the next 1-2 years. 

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