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Yves Saint Laurent Le Parfum Review


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My first impression is that this fragrance smells very flirty, very playful.

Le Parfum is also very loud! Upon first spray it filled my nostrils instantly! And I liked it instantly.

When I went to the department store I got the 2nd to last bottle. I returned a bit later that same day to buy another fragrance and they informed they had completely sold out.

This stuff is flying out the door! Currently 5-8 days before my store gets some more.

Le Parfum is a very GQ scent. It smells like a well dressed, confident individual.

Dry down scent is very solid as well. You will have not a problem with performance with this fragrance trust me!

If you love lavender Le Parfum is the scent for you. I may have a bit of bias here as I use some foaming soaps and coconut oil moisturizer which all contain lavender. All that being said this is still not my favorite scent. So while I might love lavender, I'm still pretty fair.

I feel like you definitely want to wear this one with a suit or when you are well dressed.

It is definitely a AAA quality scent. It's out of 10 its in that 8-9 range. If you are out and about don't wait as at least right now this stuff is flying off the shelves!

How often do I want to reach for it?

How often do I actually reach for it?
Probably once a week but TBD as its a new fragrance for me.

Signature scent worthy?
I think the quality is signature scent worthy. It's a high class smell but I'm not convinced you would want to wear it everyday for all occasions.

Compliments and interesting interactions?
Robust, the ladies in sales, absolutely loved it.

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