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Creed Aventus Review


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Now for the most popular niche fragrance review, Creed Aventus!

I must admit when I first smelled this one at the store it didn't hit me. I didn't get what all the hype was about.

But I really wanted to try it so I took the dive and made the purchase.

After wearing it for one full day I quickly began to understand. Creed has a very masculine smoky scent to it. I know pineapple is in it but my nose those not detect a heavy pineapple smell.

Aventus has a very sophisticated smell to it. Its subtle and although I would never call it loud or overbearing it stays around and people can smell it.

For me Aventus is the perfect example of how sometimes you just gotta wear the cologne to get a proper feel.

How often do I want to reach for it?
Every single day!

How often do I actually wear it?
About twice a week.

Signature scent worthy?

Compliments and interesting interactions?
Everytime I wear it! Its never a dull day when wearing Aventus.

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