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Oajan Parfums de Marley Review

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Of the two Parfums de Marley that I currently own(Pegasus and Oajan). This one is definitely my favorite.

It reminds me a bit of 1 million Prive by Paco Rabanne.

Oajan smells very high quality. It doesn't smell like food to me at all. I've heard some people refer to it as apple pie. When I bought it at the store, the salesperson referred to it as delicious. 🤣

After spraying this on the paper blotter and smelling it for the first time the first word that came to my mind was intoxicating. It smelled boozy and rich. Subtle but strong.

On the skin I must admit that it lost some of this for me. But after dry down these notes seem to comeback to a degree. I'm hoping over time as the bottle ages these scents get even stronger. Either way I think this is a great fragrance.

Personally I was very surprised about the apple pie comparisons as again I don't get that connection at all. But everyone's nose is different perhaps that's just some reviewers way of conveying how it makes them feel or what it reminds them of. But again for me it definitely doesn't make me think of food when using it.

If you were in a room full of people wearing niche fragrances, I'm guessing nobody else is gonna be wearing this so that's one less thing you have to worry about.

I'd place Oajan in the 8,9,10 range. Currently it's probably my favorite fragrance. Another AAA fragrance from Parfums de Marley.

How often do I want to reach for it?

How often do I actually wear it?
Often, but not everyday

Signature scent worthy?

Compliments and funny interactions?

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