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Pegasus Parfums de Marley Review

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I have a love hate relationship with Pegasus. I don't find myself reaching for it often but I do like the fragrance.

For starters I don't find it very masculine. It seems to veer closer to a unisex type of scent that is more masculine then feminine.

Pegasus has a very smooth and really sweet feel to it. It feels very airy and unsubstantial. Almost powdery in some cases.

I find it to be a really light scent and when I decide to wear it I find myself wanting to spray a little more than usual.

If you like sweet, if you like vanilla, I'd say give it a try. For one thing its a niche fragrance and it smells very high quality if you are in a room full of designer fragrances you will definitely not smell like everyone else.

For my personal score I'd place it in that 7-8 range. Its definitely AAA quality. If you like refined, if you like sweet, I'd say give Pegasus a try. Even though I don't think you'll want to wear it every single day, you'll be glad to have it in your collection.

How often do I want to reach for it?

How often do I actually wear it?

Signature scent worthy?

Compliments and interesting interactions?

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