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Acqui Di Gio Profumo Review

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I finally decided to give this fragrance a try.

I must say this fragrance is one that really had to grow on me, but it only took a day!

I've read reviews where some reviewers say the fragrance is too strong or it smells like gasoline. Thankfully none of that was true for me.

While in the air it smells absolutely wonderful. And when you are sniffing it while its in the bottle you get a very good impression as well. For me the concern came on me after I sprayed one spray on the paper blotter while I was in the store. It smelled okay but seemed to quickly dissipate.

However, I got a mini sample while at the store and continued to sniff it out of the bottle throughout the rest of my day. And it slowly but surely won me over. The problem for me at the beginning is the patchouli it seems to be absolutely overpowering when you first spray it on the skin. 

The magic happens later, AFTER, the dry down. On my skin this happens roughly 30 mins to 1 hour later. I think this is why some reviewers hype this one up so much and then other reviewers say it smells like harsh chemicals or gasoline.

Naturally no scent is beloved by everyone but I definitely understand the hype now.

In conclusion I believe Acqui Di Gio Profumo is a very sophisticated, masculine fragrance. Its definitely in that 8,9,10 range. A true AAA quality scent.

How often do I want to reach for it?

How often do I actually wear it?
About once a week.

Signature scent worthy?

Compliments and interesting interactions?

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