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My Hero Academia Chapter 309 Review


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Soooo! It seems like Deku will be working with Hawks, Endeavor and best Jeanist for a little while moving forward. 

I'll be honest and admit I'm not all that excited about them knowing all about his powers. It's cool that they know that he received his power from all might. But I also feel that the full extent of his power should remain a mystery.

Smokescreen is awesome though. It seems like Deku will use it in all of his interactions with ordinary people and heroes to conceal his identity.

Danger sense's range seems to have increased as well. It kind of feels like a combination of spider sense and supermans super hearing. I wonder if there are more complexities to it that we aren't aware of yet.

Gran Torino handing over his cape to Deku and then telling him that taking out Shigiraki is another way of saving him is interesting and ominous.

With everyone telling Deku to kill Shigaraki you have to believe that he is going to do just the opposite. My best guess is that at some point, all might will die by Shigarki. This will enrage Deku but even with all that hatred that results from his death, Deku will track down and beat Shigaraki but still spare him. Somehow Shigaraki then dies fighting against All for one so he is redeemed but still pays for all of his crimes.

On a side note, I really like the look of Deku's phone, it somehow looks like the cell of a super hero to me.

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