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Luka Doncic Game Winner vs Grizzlies


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Luka had a great sort of trick shot against the Grizzlies. But to me he's proven at this point in his career that he is more than capable of hitting the game winner. I think he's a top 5 player in the league right now. Even though he's not an MVP candidate because of the Mavs record he is definitely a AAA player. There isn't a GM in the league that doesn't wish they had the foresight to draft Luka before the Mavs.

It's funny that analysts like Skip Bayless really just focus on his weaknesses. Shannon will compare him to Larry Bird and Skip will say he doesn't see it. Never mind that Luka right now is still younger than Bird was when Bird played in his rookie season. But Skip is a professional troll and he always goes after the top players. One day though he's gonna have to come around on Luka Doncic. His free throw percentage and three point percentage will rise. His game is predicated on skill not explosive athleticism. These types of players almost always improve their percentages.


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