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My Hero Academia Chapter 308


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Deku looks pretty cool! I love how he is wearing Gran Torino's cape now.

Also the scene the Sixth puts his arm around him giving him guidance about his quirk smokescreen is pretty cool.

Another good scene was where the Sixth told Deku to consider the quirks in one for all more like tools and then the manga shows what the quirks physical manifestations would be be a rope, a jetpack, a radio, a smoke grenade.

At the end of the chapter after delivering the punch Deku says that's his full power, so I'm wondering if he is just merely saying hey I'm able to use multiple quirks at once now or if he is actually using one for all at 100%.

I saw some comments about Deku shouldn't be fighting alone etc. But from the last chapters we have to realize that Deku isn't fighting alone. He obviously has all of the one for all users there with him, giving him tips and guidance.

At this point I find it really interesting that it seems like one for all was never passed to someone with a powerful quirk there has to be at least one person with a OP type quirk. As it stands now, were it not for Deku's physical abilities due to multiple generations. He really wouldn't stand a chance against the likes of Bakugo or Todoroki.

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