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  2. Mike McCarthy speaking at Rookie Mini camp. Sounds like Mike is liking what he sees so far from the rookies.
  3. This dude is wearing that smile like a brand new shirt at the beginning. I can't wait to see what he ca do.
  4. Kelvin Jospeh looks like he's ready to go right now. One thing though. Why did the production team call him Micah Parsons at the very beginning and just left that in there. Someone should have edited that out of the video.
  5. I've noticed a lot of fans that are not Cowboy fans have a really high opinion of this guy I love Micah's enthusiasm and demeanor. He actually has a really humble way of speaking. I can already tell he's gonna be one of those guys that gives the press a lot of sound bites. He'll definitely be a fan favorite if he performs. All the evidence says he will. It's a good time to be a Cowboy fan.
  6. This is his rookie mini camp press conference. People are saying Micah sounds exactly like Zeke 😅 He's the first linebacker to wear #11
  7. Dak was a bad mannnn! How we got him in the 4th round, I'll never understand.
  8. Smith got a good amount of yardage on that play. I love to see the excitement of Michael Irvin on the sidelines. You love to see the enthusiasm for a teammates success.
  9. I really want the Nahshon Wright pick to work out. He has all the tools.
  10. When you see Pollard run like this, it makes you wish the Cowboys would give him more touches.
  11. Jabril Cox with the pick 6! Looking good out there. If he can snag a few during regular season we'll be in good shape. Check out the video below.
  12. This is absolutely hilarious. There is no owner in sports like Jerry Jones. You could say he single handedly makes the Dallas Cowboys must see TV. Jerry loves to put on a show. If you haven't seen the video of Jerry Jones and Post Malone be sure to check it out below it even has Dak Prescott and Zeke stopping by to make an appearance.
  13. I think Nashon has a chance to be special. I like his attitude so far. Glad to have him on the team. https://www.dallascowboys.com/news/why-nahshon-wright-reached-out-to-richard-sherman
  14. The first Xbox game I remember playing is of course Halo combat evolved. I remember playing a lot of xbox games when it first released but Halo is the first. In terms of time spent I would have to say my favorite Xbox game of all time is Halo 2. I spent a whole lot of time playing Halo 2 multiplayer in the summer. Fusion frenzy was also a really fun game to play when you had a lot of people.
  15. It seems like it has a lot to do with the Xbox smart delivery system.
  16. If you haven't had a chance to hear it yet, be sure to check it out. The Xbox 20th anniversary music sounds pretty good. 😎
  17. It seems like Bright Memory will be discounted for the next two weeks.
  18. Time to forge your own path. Red Dead Online is available today with Xbox Game Pass! Today is a good day to be a game pass subscriber if you're into the online portion. Me personally I've never played the online mode.
  19. Things are starting to get interesting. We'll see if this is just a blip on the radar or a more permanent thing. Either way this generation I think its pretty clear to everyone that both PlayStation and Xbox are going to be extremely successful.
  20. It looks like Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance will be available in June on Xbox Game Pass
  21. If Mass Effect legendary edition is crashing its possible that it could be your headset messing things up.
  22. I'm all for new IP. I can't wait to see what else is in development.
  23. It feels like these Starfield leaks are starting to get more and more common. Starfield may be a lot closer than we think. At the least, I feel like we should get a good look at Starfield at Microsoft's Bethesda conference during E3.
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