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  2. I think this is great news! I feel bad for people that won't have a next gen console when it releases but I don't expect to see this game until early 2023 at the earliest. Next Gen Experience Its already been about 7 years since Dragon Age Inquisition, so I'm expecting to be blown away by the next game. With Bioware able to focus on next gen consoles this game should be amazing. Source
  3. This is really painful to hear. You never want to start off the season trying to get back to being 100% healthy. Its unfortunate. I don't want Zion to be looked at as an injury prone player. Source
  4. What Does Destructible Environments Mean For Gameplay in Avowed? One wonders just how destructible the environment will be. Are we talking about I can burn blow a hole through a wall destructible? Or knock an entire wall down? Are we talking about I can cast a fire spell and light up a tree destructible? Or I can set fire to an entire in-game forest? And what happens when I leave? Will the game remembered that I caused this mayhem? Will the forest stay burned down? Will the wall be repaired by invisible unknown minions? So many questions to answer. This is especially important because according the online chatter so far this is supposed to be an open world RPG and that creates some interesting variables. Kingdom Come Deliverance- Physics Engine Story I remember playing kingdom come deliverance one time and I was on a mission. There were several ways to complete it. One way was fighting and the other was completing the mission through some type of guile I can't quite remember. Either way, I remember being on my horse, racing towards a certain quest area and then before I knew it, I was flying through the air and was launched off my horse. Somehow I survived but was badly injured. I saw some guy sprawled out on the ground with some of the best armor, weapons and items I had ever seen in the game up until that point! I mean really valuable stuff. Long story short, I came to realize that I accidently ran over the guy that was the quest objective! I'm sure there was some awesome quest involving this guy(there were some awesome quests in this game), that involved some nice dialogue and likely a very taxing fight(those physics based sword fights were tricky!). But I never had to do it, because the physics engine took this guy out of commission for me. Tying it all Together with the Avowed Destructible Environment Reports So it makes me wonder, just how much mayhem and destruction will I be able to cause? I mean, can you imagine there being some tough bandit army or group of dark creatures in a forest that you have to take out? But instead of entering the forest and have this intense battle that has been carefully planned and plotted by the devs, some player just decides to cast a couple of fire spells on the outside of the forest and then starts churning out wind spells. Before you know it, you have a full on forest fire and every quest, quest giver, secret item etc that the devs had planned goes up in flames. I've read some rumors about there being a heavy emphasis on a physics based spell system, if you throw in destructible environments, there is going to be pure mayhem! Source
  5. That is a lot of money. I know some clubs are really struggling due to the pandemic Barcelona is one that comes to mind. But and additional 1 billion dollars every 4 years sounds absurd. They limited the amount asked for just enough to likely make it palatable for EA. I just read an article that says that EA pocketed 1.6 billion from ultimate team. But still, 1 billion is a lot of money to giveaway. Is there a way EA could somehow go around FIFA to individual clubs and get the rights to display player faces and names? I'm not very familiar how licensing works for the non-American football. Source
  6. I think this is a really smart move by Netflix. It gives old fans, a chance to refresh themselves on the original series and and new potential fans a chance view the source material and see what all the hype is about.
  7. The NBA will eventually have a team in Las Vegas. Its just a matter of time. Summer league is absolutely huge there. The city attracts guests from around the world. It makes way too much sense. I'm actually surprised that it hasn't happened yet. Source
  8. If they decide to commit to future installments/sequels then yes, I think they have a great opportunity to improve as time goes on. There are still a few characters that fans would love for them to introduce or expand on.
  9. Ouch this one stings. Especially because they have some experienced actors in this movie that have done some good work in the past. I really feel like the script didn't give them good material to work with some I'm not gonna be too harsh on the acting. My biggest concerns were the overall narrative and plot structure. I though the choreography and special effects were on point though.๐Ÿ˜Ž
  10. Its hard for me to think of the Mortal Kombat Remake as an underrated gem but its such a long running series its nearly impossible for long time fans not to enjoy it.
  11. Facts. Liu Kang in the 95 movie was full of anger, wanted vengeance and had real purpose. Cole just kind of gets swept up into this thing. Not have Cage in this movie is a huge loss for the heroes. The good guys unfortunately all lack charisma. With Liu Kang sidelined and Jonny Cage MIA this allows Kano to suck up all the oxygen This is a huge pain point for man. Goro in this movie is not even a mini boss, he is a henchman. Goro should inspire fear and dread.
  12. The best frame of mind to have when deciding to watch the new movie is to expect some awesome action sequences and special effects. If you go into the movie with that frame, there will be little to none, true disappointment. I think most people were expecting to see a story that was executed much better. The original movie came out over 20 years ago. In this day and age we should be able to have a decently executed story. And while this new movie had some nice elements storywise. It was lacking severely in narrative momentum and plot structure. Made in the 80s and 90s it was okay to have this kind of story. But I beleive today's viewers are expecting a lot more.
  13. Scorpion had some great moments in this movie, I just wish his outfit was more similar too the 1995 movie or to Subzeros in this movie.
  14. I actually just looked this up and it seems like Warner Brothers is looking into developing sequels so I guess we'll see. Maybe next time we'll get an actual tournament. Not a preseason๐Ÿ˜„
  15. I totally understand this comment. You watch it and you enjoy it but you were actually expecting a lot more.
  16. I'll admit kano was a revelation in this new Mortal Kombat Remake. It feels like he stole almost every scene that he was in. He helps keep the movie entertaining while injecting a little charisma. If they make a sequel they are going to need to figure out a way for the main character/characters (the good guys) to give off some Kano level charismatic energy because it was lacking.
  17. I must admit this feels very true. I mean how else does this movie even get the greenlight. There are definitely some major Mortal Kombat fans that wanted to make this happen. They should start over at square one make it a series. Give each character a proper introduction and firmly establish their background. We didn't even really get a chance to appreciate the greatness of Goro. He was reduced to being some kind of henchman.
  18. From an entertainment standpoint, I totally agree with this. Any Mortal Kombat fan will likely love this movie regardless of the story because the action is on point. I disagree with the decent plot comment though. I felt the basic idea of the plot was solid but the execution was lacking. The plot is like swiss cheese, tasty but full of holes ๐Ÿ™‚. Raiden's decisions make no sense. Shang Tsung breaks the rules unencumbered and largely without consequence. There seems to be a lack of focus regarding the main character. This movie could have been so much more. I love the idea of them opening up a scorpion vs subzero rivalry but they didn't really do much with it.
  19. ๐Ÿ™‚This is a great point. The original theme song was epic! And near perfect! It's a shame it wasn't used.
  20. The plot structure was just horrible. The writing made Raiden seem totally incompetent. I could go on and on. But it was still very entertaining.
  21. This is hilarious. I think Mortal Kombat would actually work as a series. They try to cram so much into a movie. But fighting games in particular tend to have unique characters with interesting backstories. A series would give the writers a lot more time to really flesh out the characters and give the audience a chance to really connect with them.
  22. I think this is an excellent explanation. "It's not a good film but it's a great movie" this sums it up nicely. Just pure entertainment.
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