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  2. Wow, I'm sure nobody's surprised to hear this. But its still amazing to see considering how much the game was hyped before launch. I will admit that I'm glad that Bioware now has a chance to focus on Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Two franchises with an established fan base. I think Dragon Age's story in particular just encourages fan attachment. That kind of story will always have a dedicated fan base. Bioware has done a great job of fleshing out the story over time. Mass Effect on the other hand needs a little bit more work. As the way Mass Effect 3 ended kind of made it feel like a
  3. I thought this was a pretty cool little segment. Jay Leno is a car guy and you just know he's gonna be adding this to his collection.
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  5. It's truly amazing to see how far video games have come. Toronto is planning to build a huge esports arena! They say that the gaming industry is bigger than both movies and sports industries combined. I can easily accept those numbers but its still a little unbelievable to me that we are building an entire arena dedicated to the craft. Its amazing to see. Toronto is a huge city of about 6 million people and is forecast to to reach a population of 8 million in the next 10 years so I'm sure that demand will be great enough to support the arena. And just from an artistic standpoint the design loo
  6. Wow great news for them!. 3 million in 17 days is insane. https://gamerant.com/valheim-sells-3-million-copies-17-days/
  7. I can't wait to see this one. It seems like they are really giving subzero a chance to shine. And it sounds like they may have made Sonya the protagonist. We'll see though.
  8. Jim

    GTA 6 Rumors

    Hard to say at this point if the job is directly related to GTA 6 but definitely possible. As a fan I would liek to think that GTA 6 has been in heavy development for some time now.
  9. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2021-02-12-us-game-spending-up-42-percent-in-january-says-npd
  10. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2021-02-15-nintendo-reportedly-raises-damages-sought-in-colopl-lawsuit-to-usd47m
  11. My man Luff needs to level up. It was cool in the beginning to have him fall out of the fight for xyz reason because he was still learning. But now that he's in the big leagues he really needs a fight where he can go all out without falling out exhausted or getting captured or delayed by small fry. I'm ready for his awakening. Its definitely going to happen this fight.
  12. Things are looking pretty bad now as we all guessed. The story has been kind of jumping around from place to place the last few chapters seems like it may slow down a bit and give us some good development with the Todoroki family. It's fascinating to me that they have so much disdain for Endeavor bit it seems like the kids have given the mom a free pass, even though she's the one that scarred Shoto. I suspect she'll end up bring this up at some point with the kids.
  13. In my garden scene I got Aerith. Even though I felt I should have gotten Tifa. In chapter 10 I'm pretty sure I went to Tifa's body first to check on her.
  14. These are some excellent call backs to the original. I totally missed the Johnny reference and the Coral music playing for Barrett on the train. I also missed the PHS reference in Hojo's lab.
  15. This was an excellent analysis by Soldier_1stClass. I noticed her odd behavior in my first playthrough but didn't quite connect all the dots. Sephiroth's behavior was the obvious one to me. After watching this video though everything came together perfectly!
  16. Nothing like watching some beautiful final fantasy cutscenes. That intro sequence was 🔥! I can't wait to see what they do with FF7 Remake on PS5 its gonna look even better!
  17. One of the newest games that are making the rounds is Valheim, just released into early access on steam on 02/02/2021. The game has over 17,000 reviews on steam and they are overwhelmingly positive.
  18. It seems like more bad news for CD Projekt Red, Wired.com is reporting that CD Projekt Red was recently hit with a ransomware attack and the hackers claim to have stolen the source code for their most popular games. Instead of paying up, CD Projekt Red decided to restore things using backups.
  19. Ign is reporting that a new job listing has been observed on Microsoft's careers website, it appears 343 Industries is looking to hire a producer to help develop a new project in the "Halo universe".
  20. I'm always up for some science fiction and I really enjoy Bruce Willis as an actor but I don't know, there is no hype for this one for me.
  21. I'm looking forward to hearing more info on Xcloud. I'm also wondering if we are going to have any surprise announcements from Microsoft and Samsung this year since we know they have an official partnership now.
  22. This is an excellent, full explanation of the original final fantasy VII's story. I've played the original numerous times and have bought it on every PlayStation I've owned(along with Final fantasy 8). With FFVII Remake, it looks like Square has made another classic!
  23. Resident Evil is an absolutely massive franchise with a pretty convoluted story. It's one of the few franchises that I can actually sit down and enjoy watching someone else play more than if I were playing it myself. Recently though Capcom has taken things to a whole other level! The recent remakes have been impressive but the upcoming resident evil 8 looks gorgeous. It has a very dark sinister tone. Below is a great video that explains the resident evil story to date. Shout out to Suggestive Gaming for developing this great video.
  24. Let me be the first to say it was nice getting some background on Hawks origin. But I believe I speak for most people when I say. What has happened to Deku! I was definitely looking forward to learning more about the coma. But nothing! All of the villians have been freed from prison. Endeavor is down, Deku is down, All might down, Eraser is down! Hawks is injured! lol at least let me know what's going on with Deku.
  25. It was nice to see Zoro getting a chance to shine a little bit. If Zoro has some hidden power related to his left eye, this is the perfect setting to show it off. Luffy meanwhile, is just doing Luffy things😅
  26. Wow, I'm a bit surprised. Justice League with an R rating! I remember reading that this could be a possibility awhile back but I didn't think it would actually happen . I'm even more hype to see the Snyder Cut to see just how much the tone has changed.
  27. I must admit this LG TV looks pretty impressive. I'm really looking forward to Samsung's microLEDs as well.
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