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  2. Halo multiplayer looks amazing! I love that we can customize the look of our spartans Plus we get to have a customizable AI? That's pretty cool And last but not least its free to play so you know there are going to be a ton of players getting in on the action. I suspect that eventually we'll be going on narrative driven missions with our custom spartans. Halo is looking special!
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  4. I'm a little disappointed with this chapter. I was expecting more. It seems like this will be wrapped up rather quickly. I was expecting and even looking forward to a big battle with Bakugo. That being said it was cool to see 1A working together to catch up with Deku. One thing I didn't like though was Endeavor's conversation with Hawks about getting Best Jeanist to come and just subdue Deku. As if he all he has to do is flip a switch. I know I've said this before but Deku at this point should be unbeatable. If he has any hope of winning against the villains. It should take the combined efforts of HAwks, Jeanist and Endeavor to have any chance of capturing him. Endeavor struggled with the high end Nomu. All For One blew Jeanist away with a single move. Hawks took down twice....Deku should be unmatched at this point. One last thing. In the very last panel it almost seems to indicate that Deku's danger sense is activating. Up until now it has been quiet as Deku has previously pointed out there is no real intent behind the moves. So it makes you wonder if a surprise attack by the villains is underway in the next chapter.
  5. Let The Hype Begin! So this is a pretty hype chapter. It's a bit anti-climatic since we know that Deku isn't going all out in this fight. He can't because he's fighting his friends. Although, he might get a little more serious when Bakugo joins in. Why Does Everyone Need to Know All The Details About One For All? One thing about this fight though is that it seems that everyone is aware of his current power level. Bakugo even says that he heard how Deku unlocked the fourth and the sixth abilities. And that just feels like too much information for him to know. It's one thing for the others to know that Deku has One for All but for them to know that he is currently on a path to unlocking other quirks that are stored within it is a bit troubling. Theoretically anyone of them could be captured or even spied on by a villan and then All for One would know about his new abilities as well. Ochaco even knows that smokescreen is the sixth's ability! The argument can be made for Bakugo to know about Deku's abilities since he was the first one to be let in on the secret but he just brazenly blasts the information out loud amongst the rest of class 1A and possibly civilians that could over hear. New Abilities and Upgraded Quirks! As we go through this chapter it seems like each class member is given a chance to shine and show off some new abilities. Momo's was a bit over the top but I liked it, because it shows how detailed she's become in creating stuff. It appears she created a machine to put Deku to sleep😅. Of course he breaks out of it but still, it just goes to show how versatile and potentially powerful her creation quirk can be. The new move that really caught my eye was Tokoyami's Ragnarok: Womb. Just the name alone sounds epic! He's uses this move to imprison Deku momentarily but Deku shoots out of it. I suspect he uses FA Jin to escape but who knows. I feel like his enhanced strength via One For All should be enough by itself. Either way though, Tokoyami is very surprised so I suspect this must be a really strong new move for him. Todoroki's heaven piercing ice wall sounds cool but I don't know how useful it will actually be for practical purposes. Those are the main ones that stood out to me. But the big ones I'm sure are yet to come. Bakugo, Ochaco and Lida. Between those three I'm sure we'll get a few surprises. My Impressions of The Battle So Far The more I think about the way this battle is going, the more I miss the old Deku. I like the Deku that thinks things through, strategizes and finds a way to win or lose in a spectacular way. By the end of all this I'm hoping Deku is able to crush them all but they somehow convince him to stay. There is no way that he can beat All for One and Shigiraki without displaying a lot more power. I still think Deku would have a lot of trouble with Gigantomachia if he fought him 1 v 1. As a matter of fact its really hard for me to think of any hero that could take him on and supposedly he's only the third most powerful villian that we currently know about. So in my mind there is still a lot more leveling up that Deku has to do.
  6. The way I've been reading this online they make this sound like a pretty open and shut case. Although its hard for me to imagine that if Disney had a big liability like this due to their decision to release the movie on Disney plus they wouldn't have tried to renegotiate her contract to avoid litigation. I suspect there are some details about her contract that we aren't aware of. But I know it must be frustrating Scarlett.
  7. PS5 has surpassed over 10 million units sold globally. Spider Man: Miles Morales has sold over 6.5 million MLB The Show has sold over 2 million Ratchet & Clank has sold more than 1 million
  8. The new development studio is called "That's No Moon" That's No Moon is composed of former Naughty Dog, Infinity Ward and Sony Santa Monica Devs Smilegate is a south Korean publisher that has invested $100 million into the new studio That's No Moon is currently working on a new AAA adventure game. The new studio currently employs around 40 people with plans to expand to 100 by the end of 2022.
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  10. I'm sure I'll always prefer loud talking, wise cracking Will Smith but this trailer is giving off some serious Oscar vibes. Plus it focuses on the raising of two international tennis stars, so it's sure to get plenty of attention. I expect this movie to do well.
  11. All I can say is, this movie looks incredibly disturbing. I'm sure horror fans will love this one. I will admit some curiosity as to what the story is behind it. But it feels very original.
  12. I think this is a pretty good question. On the one hand, Bethesda could go the easy route and handle things similar to something like The Outer Worlds. The player just hops into the ship chooses a planet from a list of available planets and then after a brief loading screen we arrive. FTL/Hyperdrive - Near Instantaneous travel I think a more interesting approach would be to select a destination and then have the player choose how travel will be handled. For example, if there is an FTL(faster than light)/hyperdrive drive, perhaps this option would be the fastest option but would come at the expense of using additional energy or fuel. Player/Crew Coordination - Manual Travel Maybe there is a second slower option that would take a little more time and would require the player to actually coordinate with his crew(assuming we get one) to navigate and arrive at the destination. The benefits of having a set up like this is that it would allow us as players to spend more time with our crew(which would open up some fun role playing moments)and of course would be less resource intensive as the FTL/hyperdrive option. Warp Gate - Near Instantaneous Travel for a fee Perhaps traveling to certain systems could be conducted through some type of manned warp gate. Player travels to warp gate requests to be sent to a particular set of coordinates. No energy used, no messing around with the crew for manual navigation but the player must pay some type of fee to travel between systems. Summary There are a ton of different ways that the devs can go with this. Either way though it would be cool to interact with a crew in space. Space flight and travel brings up all kinds of interesting questions. If there is no near instantaneous travel, how much in-game time will pass when we travel from system to system? Will our crew need to be put to sleep during space travel? Do we manually make landings ourselves? Does our ship have individual systems and subsystems that can be damaged and can they affect space flight? Will we have to conduct repairs mid flight? So many good questions. I imagine the team spent a lot of time getting the design right for the game
  13. This game kind of gives you that feeling of paradox mixed with a little total war. Since its not turn based everything is happening in real time, over a huge map but you also get to control hundreds of units by the looks of things. So it's a really interesting mix. I prefer Crusader Kings emphasis on role playing a leader and raising a dynasty. But I can imagine a lot of Total War fans deciding to give this game a spin.
  14. I'm sure I speak for over 80% of the community when I say that removing DRM from any game is always a plus for fans. No matter how well a game performs or how good of an internet you have, at some point its gonna cause you a headache. That being said I totally understand why companies put in into their games. Its a slippery slope. Source - PC Gamer , Eurogamer
  15. Already more than 100,000 people have signed up for the multiplayer beta. Myself, I prefer a more finished product, at least for Halo. But seeing as we only have a few days left in this month, I expect for more Halo multiplayer news to be announced soon. Source - Gamespot
  16. Good for Quantic Dream. This is another one that I missed. It has some excellent reviews. This is the sort of game that I'd probably never buy but I would be interested in playing if I came across it while browsing Gamepass, PS Now or similar service. Perhaps, I'll get around to it one of these days.
  17. I am one of the few that totally missed the Dead Space when it released some years ago. It's been totally rebuilt from the ground up. Judging by the trailer it's going to look amazing and be extremely atmospheric. A few of my friends really enjoyed the old Dead Space games, I might have to give it a try this time around. I've also read that the developers have said there will be no microtransactions.
  18. I feel like Epic is putting itself in great position to be the go to gaming engine marketplace for game developers and publishers of all sizes including AAA studios down to small independent developers. What's even more interesting is that right now it doesn't seem like they have any real competition. I'm sure some of the big publishers like PlayStation, Xbox, Ubisoft, EA etc, have their own internal tech but there are no big third party competitors. For a healthy industry I think there needs to be more competition in this area. Source - Venture Beat/Games Beat
  19. Open sea claims that it has become the largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and NFTs which can include gaming items. Source - Venture Beat/Games Beat
  20. $235 million is a lot of money for free to play mobile games. I guess that just goes to show how huge the market is for mobile gaming. Source - Venture Beat/Games Beat
  21. The Tifa statue actually looks pretty professional game rant has an image up if you want to see it. I think it would be really cool for many of the big AAA studios to create a licensing program that allows fans to create, promote and sell fan art. I think this kind of stuff really helps create a loyal rabid fan base which can only be good for your game sells, spin offs, expansion into film and future products.
  22. A writer on polygon recently played classic Final Fantasy 7 for the first time after first playing the remake and is unimpressed. This doesn't surprise me at all. The original game released over 20 years ago, graphically, I wouldn't expect it to hold anyone's attention other than people that enjoy retro gaming and fans that carry their sense of nostalgia with them throughout their first playthrough. For me personally I can start up a new play session and enjoy the classic game almost just like before. The only difference is I know the plot twist regarding certain characters and while I admit that does take some of the fun out of the game, the reason that I play is because of the journey, I enjoy leveling up my characters, I don't mind having save points, I think turn based battles are nice as it allows me to just kind of cruise and enjoy the story.
  23. I really don't know much about Tencent or have a lot of experience with their games but 1.2 billion is a lot of cash.
  24. When one of the largest publishers in the video game industry gets sued by the state of California it's a pretty big deal.
  25. I saw another analyst post refer to these numbers and seemed to attribute this to Xbox's solid E3 showing. Sorry, I don't have the quote readily available.
  26. Well this post didn't age well. We won't get our hands on Starfield until late next year but at least we have a release date!
  27. In terms of pure entertainment, the Outer Worlds 2 trailer was my favorite trailer of E3. Full confession, despite decent review scores from critics and a good friend of mine, I totally skipped the first Outer Worlds! After watching this trailer, I decided to finally go back and check it out, and I'm happy to admit I made a big mistake. Outer Worlds is pretty fun. I love RPGs, so when I was greeted with an assortment of different background options and skills to choose from in the very beginning I was ecstatic. My biggest fear from this game is that it was way too silly to me. And while it is a bit over the top, so far I've enjoyed the humor. So put me on board the Outer Worlds 2 hype train. With Microsoft's backing , I'm hoping that Obsidian has all the funding they need to really push the limits and release a high quality AAA sequel to the original.
  28. I expect this movie to be huge! It will have a lot of people talking. Oscar Issac looks like a boss. The movie has a really compelling visual style to it. I predict Sci-fi fans will be pleased.
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