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This is a club for players that are big fans of massive multiplayer online games, aka MMOs. If you like to read about the latest MMO news and would like discuss the state of MMOs today, join our club we'd love to have you!
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  2. For me it has to be Ashes of Creation and Star Citizen. I really want to try out those games but they've been in development for so long now, I feel like I need to see the finished product before really getting hyped to try them out.
  3. IGN just had an exclusive interview with the dev team of Myth of empires. The interview details the combat and progression system. Source
  4. So I went to the official website. They had some more pretty pictures and nice looking trailers but I wanted to know more about the gameplay systems. I was surprised to discover that there was no F.A.Q. or game details section readily available. I went over to the steam page for Myth of Empires and got a few more details but it still wasn't exactly what I was looking for. So finally went on youtube and found a really great summary video of what you can expect when playing the game. It includes gameplay systems, impressions on character creation and first start. A very good summary. It gave me a decent feel for the game. I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this game.
  5. First let me say this game looks great for a MMO. When you consider that its early access the visuals are even more impressive. My only problem with the trailer is that its extremely light on details. How many players can play? What is the full scope of gathering resources, building up an army and designing a base? It feels like this game came out of nowhere.

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