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House of The Dragon releases august 21, 2022! I can't wait to see it! If you're a former game of thrones fan fear not the complete story has already been written from beginning to end. They won't need to make things up in the last seasons like they did with game of thrones.

House of the Dragon is gonna be incredible. I don't think previous game of thrones show watchers, realize just how epic this period of time will be. There is going to be a huge civil war between the Targaryens with the major houses taking different sides.

Plus we are going to see all of their epic swords and legendary dragons. If HBO really goes all out, this will be a feast for the eyes! Much more than the war of the five kings in the original game of thrones series.

No matter how you felt about Game of Thrones in its last few seasons, if you were ever a fan, trust me you will want to watch this. This will be appointment television, full of tragedy, treachery, heroism and epic battles! 🤩


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I can't wait for this to release it looks great! It feels like they've totally nailed the tone. This series should have a ton more dragons than Game of Thrones.

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