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Starfield will release on Xbox Series X and Series S and PC.


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I can't wait for this game to release! Day one on xbox gamepass! I think this is going to be the big one that truly kicks off the next generation of gaming for Xbox.

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    • By Jim
      Seems like they are did some rework on Starfield. It sounds like its all for the better though. I don't want them to rush the game. I'd like to know more about the game in general, but at this point I just want a really good killer game.
    • By Jim
      You have what is presumably an open world RPG, set in space, made by the same people that brought you Fallout and Elder Scrolls. And it's exclusive to your console? Yea, barring any performance issues, this game is going to be a big time system mover. Mark my words people will buy the Xbox just to play this game.
    • By Jim
      This is the Xbox/Bethesda showcase reveal of Starfield. Todd Howard starts off with a little commentary at the beginning(he led development of Elder scrolls and Fallout) It's an in-game teaser! (Creation Engine 2) The graphics look pretty amazing, when I first watched the trailer I didn't realize it was in-game footgage. I thought it was a cinematic trailer. My Takeaway
      They should have revealed something else that would get people really hyped. The graphics do look amazing but after 3 years I think its fair to say that fans were expecting a little more meat. It's a enough to keep us from starving for now but we wanted to see a little more
    • By Jim
      Starfield: Details We Know So Far
      "It's an epic about hope, our shared humanity and answering our greatest mystery" - Todd Howard executive producer at Bethesda game studios Starfield will be open world. Players can "be who you want, go where you want, experience our stories, and forge your own." The game will focus on the player as a member of constellation, "the last group of space explorers" The game is set around 300 years in the future. The dev team has mapped out what happens every decade that gets humanity from now to then 
      It's been 25 years in the making. It's a brand new universe  It's been compared to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim but in space. Lead artist Istvan Pely said that the game's aesthetic could be categorized as "NASA punk" The game will get into science and religion
      The game is being powered by the creation engine 2, a brand new engine designed by Bethesda for next gen games. Their will be alien races! The game will support first person and third person perspectives. Starfield will be a more hardcore RPG experience than what Bethesda has done in the past. Todd Howard visited Elon Musk's space X for inspiration and research.  

      The game is very big and is designed to be played for a long time, they learned from Skyrim and created more "hooks" for people that want to keep playing the game. Starfield is exclusive to Xbox and PC Starfield will be available on Xbox game pass day one. The release date is November 11, 2022
    • By Jim
      I think this table looks really cool, they put a lot of knobs and switches on the side, on the far left it looks like there's even a numpad. And then on the table there seems to be more digital buttons and multiple screens. So my question is, will this cool looking digital table be a major gameplay element?
      Of course at this point, there is no way to know. I think it would be awesome if it could conduct some kind of analysis of whatever object you place on the table. Imagine coming on board the ship with some new materials or some new object you've never seen or heard about. You place the object on the table and the ship conducts an analysis and tells you its composition, known places where you can find the material that its made out of, its durability, rather or not its sensitive to light, heat, cold, tells you its weight and mass and all other kinds of cool stuff.
       However, I imagine what is more likely, is that we'll end up using the digital table to review maps, ship data, galactic news etc, basically it will act as some kind of advanced console to access information.
      The teaser trailer was very clearly emphasizing the table so I'm optimistic that we'll get some additional information on it.
    • By Jim
      It feels like these Starfield leaks are starting to get more and more common. Starfield may be a lot closer than we think. At the least, I feel like we should get a good look at Starfield at Microsoft's Bethesda conference during E3.
    • By Jim
      I think this is a pretty good question. On the one hand, Bethesda could go the easy route and handle things similar to something like The Outer Worlds. The player just hops into the ship chooses a planet from a list  of available planets and then after a brief loading screen we arrive.
      FTL/Hyperdrive - Near Instantaneous travel
      I think a more interesting approach would be to select a destination and then have the player choose how travel will be handled. For example, if there is an FTL(faster than light)/hyperdrive drive, perhaps this option would be the fastest option but would come at the expense of using additional energy or fuel.
      Player/Crew Coordination - Manual Travel
      Maybe there is a second slower option that would take a little more time and would require the player to actually coordinate with his crew(assuming we get one) to navigate and arrive at the destination. The benefits of having a set up like this is that it would allow us as players to spend more time with our crew(which would open up some fun role playing moments)and of course would be less resource intensive as the FTL/hyperdrive option.
      Warp Gate - Near Instantaneous Travel for a fee
      Perhaps traveling to certain systems could be conducted through some type of manned warp gate. Player travels to warp gate requests to be sent to a particular set of coordinates. No energy used, no messing around with the crew for manual navigation but the player must pay some type of fee to travel between systems.
      There are a ton of different ways that the devs can go with this. Either way though it would be cool to interact with a crew in space. Space flight and travel brings up all kinds of interesting questions. If there is no near instantaneous travel, how much in-game time will pass when we travel from system to system? Will our crew need to be put to sleep during space travel? Do we manually make landings ourselves? Does our ship have individual systems and subsystems that can be damaged and can they affect space flight? Will we have to conduct repairs mid flight? So many good questions. I imagine the team spent a lot of time getting the design right for the game
    • By Jim
      I liked the brief explanation about the factions. Presumably, as a player, we'll be able to join each one. The concept art looks great as always. Be sure to checkout the video. And if you haven't already, you may want to go ahead and join constellation so you'll be among the first to get the latest news about Starfield from Bethesda. I received this news via email and at the time it was a link to an at unlisted(none public) youtube video. So I imagine there will be a lot more benefits down the road.
    • By Jim
      I'm all for a list hollywood crossovers into gaming.
      If we get some great voice acting work because of it, I say the more the merrier.
      It does make you wonder though. If Microsoft and Bethesda have gotten. Tom cruise added to the game then what other stars have they added as well. Its hard for a hero to be great without a great villain.
      For the record I loved Bethesda getting Liam Neeson to do some voice work in Fallout three. While Tom Cruise does have a very distinctive voice, I don't quite put it in the same category as Liam Neeson. If Tom is playing a hotshot pilot or ace commander I think it would work though.
      Of course at this point this is all just a rumor. But I hope its true
    • By Jim
      Starfield's official announcement trailer. This is the teaser that started it all. And 3 years later, we've finally received more info. I decided to repost this video for posterity
    • By Jim
      This is a quick trailer that provides an inside look at the development of Starfield. It seems that it will be likely that Bethesda will use a steady content drip to provide new information on the game
    • By Jim
      I guess there are a few possible outcomes with the mechanized armor that we see in the trailer. Since the trailer seems to show off the player as part of The Constellation faction, I imagine that the armor is some sort of advanced exploration unit. We will likely be able to control it similar to how NASA controls a probe in real life. In the pics and video that I've seen so far I don't see anything resembling a cockpit, so manual control of this armor seems unlikely.
      I think its also important to consider that we are around 300 years in the future so its also very possible that we have an AI that is doing automated tasks with the unit once its been launched from the ship.
      A really cool possibility would be if the mechanized unit was actually an extension of the ship. What if the ship is controlled by an AI and when it lands it deploys the mechanized unit to kinda be its avatar to continue its mission on the ground? Perhaps, the ship conducts repairs and routine maintenance using the unit. So many possibilities! I know we'll get more answers in time
    • By Jim
      I think its pretty interesting that Peter Hines apologizes even though it seemed like Todd Howard hinted that there may be some future developments regarding Starfield's availability.
      At the end of the day although I think its pretty inconsequential, I don't think its a good look to see an executive of your first party studio apologizing for a business decision made by the parent company, even though I totally understand why he did it.
      I imagine, from Xbox's perspective,  Sony executives don't apologize for not making any big first party titles available for Xbox so there should be no expectations or hard feelings when Xbox does the same. Especially when Xbox makes the game available for PC, which is something Sony has yet to fully commit to.
      If I'm being completely honest I respect Sony's approach. From their perspective, they want to give gamers a real incentive to buy their console. And like it or not exclusive do exactly that. When you make exclusive available on only one platform more people will buy what they need to access that platform, rather that be a new console, or some other hardware.
      The reason I think Xbox makes their games available on PC and Xbox consoles at the same time instead of making it some sort of timed exclusive is because they are no longer pursuing raw game sales. Instead they are chasing Xbox gamepass subscriptions
    • By Jim
      I hope this mod support is carried over to console owners as well. Modders are going to add so much content to this game its going to be absolutely ridiculous. Since Starfield is a space based game which has a focus on exploration it is absolutely perfect for modding.
      Todd Howard conducts a nice AMA on reddit which offers new tidbits on the game.
    • By Jim
      I saw this over on the escapist. And I must confess, I don't see any problems with the amount of dialogue. In fact I see this as a huge positive. This is going to be a big universe for us to explore and I expect that over time its just going to become bigger and bigger. With gamepass, there is no reason for Bethesda so simply release the main game and 2-3 expansions. I expect it to get quarterly updates eventually. If they get the gameplay right there are going to be millions of players playing this every single day. They are going to have a ton of dialogue, this game has been in conception for at least 20 years. This game is going to lean heavily on RPG elements more so than Skyrim or Fallout 4 and thats a very good sign for replayability .
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