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    • On his not a blog, Martin recently spoke briefly, about The Winds of Winter.


      THE WINDS OF WINTER is going to be a big book.   The way it is going, it could be bigger than A STORM OF SWORDS or A DANCE WITH DRAGONS, the longest books in the series to date.   I do usually cut and trim once I finish, but I need to finish first.

      Although he's already hinted at the size and scope of the book in the past, I love that he's reconfirming. Fans have been waiting an eternity for this new book so the more material we get the better! He could make the book 2,000 pages and I would still devour it. George's writing is excellent and I feel like his prose improves with each new book release.

      I know some people were critical of Feast of Crows and Dance with Dragons but I personally found those books to be as high quality as the earlier entries.  The big issue that many fans had with those is that their favorite characters were mostly split between the two books. By making The Winds of Winter longer hopefully George has solved this issue and will be able to consolidate the different perspectives into one book. I highly suspect that he's done just that.


    • First let me say, I think there is a decent chance that The Winds of Winter could release in late 2022.

      It would be the perfect time to capitalize on the buzz that I'm sure will be generated when HBO's House of the Dragon show releases later in august of this year.

      Assuming an 8-10 episode season of House of the Dragon, the show would finish around early October.

      Can you imagine a better surprise after the season finale than announcing The Winds of Winter will release during the 2022 holiday season?

      It would be an incredible marketing opportunity for George. And would give his hardcore fan base something to look forward to.

      The above was my optimistic take on where we stand on a release date.

      My more pessimistic stance says that we won't get the Winds of Winter until 2023 likely holiday 2023.

      George has already announced that Rise of the Dragon, an illustrated deluxe reference book based on the same time period of his novel fire and blood, will release in October 2022.

      The release of Rise of the Dragon would indicate that we probably shouldn't expect anything else book wise from George this year.

      It's probably for the best. At the end of the day, I want a high quality book from George. We've waited over a decade. What's 1-2 more additional years if it allows him to truly flesh out his vision and give us the type of story that we've all come to enjoy so much.

      • Hearing Rothfuss read the prologue brings back so many memories, it would be awesome if Doors of Stone released this year.
      • He gives decent answers to a lot of questions.
      • There is a magic related to music.
      • Pat was asked an interesting question about Tinkers, are they human, fae, amyr or something else, I must admit I never thought about that.
      • I was surprised to hear his answer on the cthaeh he makes it sound like its pretty straightforward and all the answers are in The Wise Man's fear.


      • The Rise of The Dragon is basically an illustrated, condensed version of FIRE & BLOOD
      • Lavish visual history of house of Targaryen
      • Featuring over 180 all-new illustrations
      • This book will be similar to The World of Ice and Fire

      I personally can't wait for this book. I love artwork. And The World of Ice and Fire was perfect for me.


    • My Quick Thoughts

      • It's safe to say that Brandon Sanderson's Kickstarter is a success.
      • He has pulled in over 22  million dollars
      • He will be releasing 4 different novels 
      • It seems like some people are complain but I'm glad to see this development.
      • I think this Kickstarter campaign actually pushes  the industry forward.
      • Brandon Sanderson is an absolute beast when it comes to sheer production and he has deservedly built up a huge fan base.
      • If his fans want to support and give him some extra money for new novels and collectibles I say more power to him.
      • Check it out here
    • Since I've read a number of Martin's posts on his Not a Blog on his personal website I know that he writes and rewrites chapters all the time. So this does not surprise. What does surprise me is that somehow two draft chapters from A Feast For Crows about Brienne were supposedly published in Russia. That sounds a bit fishy to me but I suppose its not outside the realm of possibility.

      Martin has always stated he knows the end game in broad strokes and he is more or less letting the garden grow and tell the journey itself. I suspect that he has always known what Brienne's fate so I doubt that he would have changed it from death to life or vice versa in a couple of sample chapters. Brienne is a POV character so I imagine her death will be quite dramatic. That being said I feel she is more of a minor POV, which has mainly served to show us what's been going on in the crownlands and surrounding areas so if there was a POV character that had their fate changed or if he was still wrestling over it would not surprise me for it to be Brienne's. Either way I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.


    • George posts a mysterious picture of a hand with eight fingers!

      I'm sure most fans are like me and took this as a hint that there will now be eight books not seven. But who knows if this is true! This post could be completely unrelated to a song of ice and fire. Only time will tell.

      I would absolutely love it if their were eight books though. It still feels like there is a ton of story left to tell.

    • Sounds like there is a ton of writing or revisions left to do. However, long it takes I'll be happy whenever Doors of Stone releases.

    • One day I read that Amazon's Wheel of Time Series adaption has wrapped filming and then the very next day I read that Amazon has already decided to renew the show for a 2nd season. They must have high confidence in what they've seen so far. 

      I can't wait to see it! Amazon might finally get me to use their streaming platform consistently.

      It might be time for me to start reading the Wheel of Time books. The reason I've held off for so long was because of what I've heard happens to the series during the middle. But this may hype me up enough to push me over the edge and just take the dive.

      Either way those I know fans of the books have a lot of passion and that always bodes well, we'll see.

    • It is now being reported that the Wheel of Time adaption by Amazon has recently Wrapped filming.

      I hope this new series does well. I'm sure that there are a lot of Robert Jordan fans that are looking forward to the trailer and to see the progress that's been made.

      If the premiere is successful and Amazon goes on to greenlight the entire series I wonder if Brandon Sanderson will get any compensation since he was the author that finished the wheel of time series after Robert Jordan's passing.

      Perhaps after a few more years it will be Sanderson's turn to have his fantasy epic 'The Stormlight Archive' turned into a TV series as well.

      Either way though, congrats to the wheel of time fans and Amazon for wrapping the first season. I hope its well received and leads to many many more. Perhaps it will get me to finally go and checkout the books for myself.

    • There is a lot of stuff in the world of ice and fire that is easy to miss it makes the novels even more interesting to read. I disagree on some bits though.

      I think George has given sooo much attention to the iron islands that its nearly impossible for us not to see some form of the deep ones or some strange race from the sea. In the novels we've had 3 POVs from the ironborne perspective, Damphair, Victarion and Theon . The Iron islands also get more pages in the world of ice and fire than any other region. That can't be a coincidence. And when you consider other things like Davos' encounter with Lord Borrell on sweetsister. And the mention of the the mark in regards to the webbing on the hands. In the grand scheme of things how important was it to show Davos landing at Sweetsister? Why not just have him end up at white harbor? When winter gets truly underway we are going to see a lot of strange stuff. I'd like to think that there is a reason why they have "The Others" and the "White Walkers". I think it's possible that these phrases don't always mean the same thing.

    • This is some pretty good commentary on the series. I might go back one day to complete the series where I left off. But it captures my feelings on the series, it is huge and feels a bit overwhelming at some points. But most importantly for me it seemed to leave behind characters that I liked so I just stopped reading the books and just kinda read the cliff notes on the rest😅


    • If Kvothe had any true wits he would have forgotten about Denna earlier on and pursued Fela.😅

    • The Adem section in the wise man's fear was pretty cool. I'll be interested to see how he uses the training going forward. Presumably he should be able to hold his own in a fight now, without using any sympathy or naming skills.

    • I felt bad for Chronicler when Bast threatened him. Sometimes Bast seems like he loves Kvothe and at other times it seems like he has ulterior motives.

    • Bredon being her Patron makes sense. When Kvothe is recieving info from various members of the nobility he gets some interesting rumors about him meeting in the woods which makes him very suspect. Its also curious as to why he has been so helpful to Kvothe while he was staying with the Maer.

    • Good point about the story being a tragedy and then showing us the cover showing a tree that was clever.

      Something about Selitos being the Cthaeh doesn't add up to me.

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