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    • Well season 2 is at an end! I had no idea I was watching the season finale until about halfway through episode 12. This season felt really rushed. And I'm not just saying that because of the low episode count. Like some of the scenes were quick and even the transitions from scene to scene, at times felt a little to brisk.

      In some cases I'm incredibly grateful for the increased pace but naturally in other places, I wish they would have spent a bit more time. I was thinking about Demon Slayer Season 2 comparing it to Rising of the Shield Hero season 2. Somehow even though they have a similar amount of episodes. I never felt like it was rushed. It almost always felt like appropriate pacing. At first I couldn't quite put my finger on it but now I feel like its because Shield Hero just had way more ground to cover. 

      Also it had a very weak opening, there was not much set up at all for the first battle against the spirit tortoise. 

      All that being said I really enjoyed episode 12. I was disappointed with how we went back to the wrath shield and how it is still an impediment for Naofumi. I was thinking that the dragon amulet in his new armor would allow him to finally wield the wrath shield and harness its full power. Instead he wins by unknown means. They kinda hinted at the mirror vassal weapon playing a part in his victory but they never fully explained the transformation that his shield went under.

      Also it's nice to see Naofumi rise to the level of Viscount when he got back home. I was 100% thinking that Ost was going to become a new member of the party. I'm a little disappointed that it didn't happen. But also kind relieved that there are some consequences for the main characters. 

      I can't wait to learn more about the waves. For example where do the monsters come from? I imagine the end of all this has to be Naofumi and other Cardinal heroes finding a way to travel to the land of the waves to put a stop to these portals appearing in their own worlds. It would be the ultimate team up. At this point I can't imagine any of the Cardinal heroes choosing to fight each other again. There is just no animosity left so the fights wouldn't be that compelling.

      Hopefully we'll get season 3 this fall or this winter.


    • Wow this episode moves fast. There are a few moments of character building but for the most part we are moving from scene to scene it really feels like we were burning through the small moments to get to this dimensional wave encounter.

      Last episode we had Raphtalia becoming the katana vassal hero, but there were no huge repercussions revealed. Perhaps something will be revealed in this upcoming battle.

      They have really been trying to emphasize how Kyo is this two faced monster, which honestly makes me feel like he will be this misunderstood genius by the end of all this.

      Another thing of note is that Naofumi's armor is now imbued with materials from his world and this new world so there may be some type of crossover development of powers and skills. I wonder if his wrath shield will be augmented somehow and if he'll have better control over it.


    • Good to see that Raphtalia is okay.

      I thought her escape from prison with Glass, L'Arc and Therese was extremely fast based on the way episode 9 ended I thought we were being introduced to a whole new area that we would be spending quite some time in. 

      It's a little surprising to see Raphtalia training with these L'Arc's crew considering they are supposed to be the enemy but I suspec that a greater mystery revolving the waves will be revealed soon which will put these three on the same side as Naofumi's crew permanently.

      As for the episode on a whole, I felt like it was kinda janky with the pacing but there is a lot of good stuff in this one as well. I thought Raphtalia becoming the Katana hero came out of nowhere but was still pretty cool. Naofumi's party keeps getting stronger and stronger. I'm guessing that Raphtalia can still party up with Naofumi because she is a vassal hero and not a cardinal hero. But I do wonder if there will be any repercussions to the system since she became a hero in another world separate from the world Naofumi was called into.


    • Tekken! I feel like Netflix has really been looking for new anime content that they can add to the service. I honestly feel like Tekken is nowhere near as popular as you it used to be, at least in the united states. I haven't played a Tekken game in years but I'd watch this.


    • I'm really excited for this! The first Castelvania series on Netflix was great! It got better every season. The epic fight at the end was almost universally loved they somehow made it feel like an anime but still gave us that epic big boss feel, like we were playing the last boss in a video game.

      Expectations for this series will be sky high for Netflix. I have confidence that they can deliver! I can't wait to see a proper official trailer!


    • I must admit that although I have absolutely no hype for this at all I will end up watching it because Im a huge Dragon Age fan and I really love the Dragon Age universe.

      Now this is only a teaser trailer so I'm reserving judgment for now.  But the tone for this Dragon age series feels all kinds of wrong. It feels to bright , to happy, definitely not enough gloom.

      Dragon age should be animated very similar to Castlevania. It should be a bit gloomy, a bit dark, mature with some corny humor thrown in for good measure.

      I hope this series can pull it off.


    • Finally Filo is back!

      It took forever but Filo is back on screen. When they showed us a glimpse, earlier this episode, I was thinking that it would at the very least take 2 more episodes to get her back but I was pleasantly surprised.

      Also its cool to see Naofumi racking up the new shields every time he does something new.

      And lastly we finally get to learn a little about Filo's equivalent in this new world. Ethnobalt is the descendant  of a species of monsters that protect this new world. I wonder if they have a king or queen.

      I still don't completely understand the ultimate destination of this arc, but for now I can't wait to see the crew back together again.


    • So Naofumi and the crew is back to his merchant ways. I love the auction and the scheme by Naofumi to run up the price. Also the idea that the worlds are similar but still different works well. Its pretty cool to see that the items from each world have different effects based on the world that Cardinal heroes ae brought in to. It makes me wonder if we will meet Filo's equivalent in this new world. And what type of mysteries they could reveal.

      The end of this ep is pretty sad. I don't like how Raphtalia gets left behind, hopefully we get more of an explanation behind that. Also it was a bit corny that Kyo's over the top evil voiceover just echoes across the room. This dude is first class cheese all the way.

      This 2nd season would have been received much better if Episode 7 was the start of season 2. I feel like the first 5 episodes of this season really had fans scratching their heads and from there this season has gradually started to feel much more like the shield hero anime that we've come to expect.

    • So episode 7 wasn't quite what I was expecting but it was still quality. I found it especially surprising that they manage to breakout of the Infinite Labrynith in just 1 episode. I thought it would at least take two episodes. But kudos to the anime team, not trying to stretch things out. Its interesting that Naofumi and the gang has regressed to level 1 but it helps the show get back to its roots. Which is learning new skills and leveling up while they try to understand the new world they find themselves in.

    • Finally! We get an episode that feels like Shield Hero season 1. I was a bit surprised by the ending. It feels like we are about to learn a lot more about the connection between the worlds.

      Naofumi finally gets a cool new shield upgrade. Supposedly he won't have to use the wrath shield anymore but I seriously doubt that. The spirit tortoise shield seems to be incredibly powerful though. There has to be some kind of drawback like perhaps a recharge time or some kind of energy requirement.

      Rishia showed out. They still haven't FULLY explained how she was able to move despite the gravity effect. I'm glad Fitoria showed up. Although, I must admit she seemed to be much stronger and intimidating in the season 1.

      And lastly we are starting to get more readouts from the shield view. It seems the the spirit tortoise ability allows Naofumi to kind of bend the rules a bit. I don't understand how L'arc and his party can continue to travel to Naofumi's world but the Cardinal heroes haven't been able to travel to his. Perhaps its because the Vassal heroes have special abilities that the cardinal heroes don't have. I'm still not quite sure what to think but I'm glad we are getting back to the mysterys of this world.

    • L'Arc and Glass are back!

      I don't like how L'Arc and his crew seem to always know way more than Naofumi and his crew. Also how in the world does L'Arc and his crew get to travel to Naofumi's world all the time? Why hasn't Naofumi ever traveled to L'Arc's world and caused havoc? There is a lot of stuff that isn't quite adding up. L'Arc also referred to his weapon as a vassal weapon, which is interesting. As a cardinal hero is Naofumi's weapon superior?

      Since the spirit tortoise is regenerating why wouldn't the army continue to attack it while its vulnerable and unable to defend itself.

      They were really investing a lot of time into Ost Hourai and by the end we learn why. Had they destroyed her in the beginning they could have stopped the spirit tortoise. But of course that would have taken away all of the fun. I think what will end up happening is that by coming to the inner depths the crew will find a way to seal the power of spirit tortoise in Ost and she end up joining the shield hero and the rest of the crew on their journeys.

    • Finally things are starting to pick up a bit in season 2. We get some background on the spirit tortoise and discover a message(in japaneese) that seems to have been left by a former cardinal hero. And then we run into the antagonists from season 2. The heroes from the land of the waves. I don't know what to make of this so far but its pretty obvious that they are here because of something to do with the spirit tortoise.

      This is a much better ending for episode 4. Things so far have just been too cut and dry. The mystery, intrigue, and worldbuilding have been missing. This anime has never been about the action. So centering the first 3 episodes on a big battle with the spirit tortoise was never that interesting, especially because its presented as some big natural disaster. We need interesting antagonists that don't like the shield hero or are actively working against him. Not monsters with no personality, motives or agency.

    • I had a strong feeling that Ost Horai would still be there once they decapitated the spirit tortoise. This episode dragged a bit as the armies were running around a bit aimlessly getting wiped out from all sides. The spirit Tortoise feels a lot more dangerous from long range than close range.  The ending to this episode makes you feel like Naofumi and the crew is gonna have to go on some grand adventure to actually stop the Spirit Tortoise from reviving itself again. But we'll see. There are still a lot of unanswered questions. Hopefully the anime starts focusing a lot more on the relationships between Naofumi and his crew, and their personal development. That was a very strong part of charm from season 1. Right now, through the first 3 episodes it feels like the anime is mostly focusing on the politics.

    • Okay so we got some semi big news! Apparently in addition to the four cardinal heroes we have the seven Star heroes that use vassal weapons that are different than the four cardinal heroes. My big question now is what are the vassal weapons? Based on the name I wonder if they are subservient or have some kind of fealty to the cardinal heroes. My guess is that whenever they do show it things will get pretty interesting. 

      This whole Spirit Tortoise thing is pretty uninteresting so far. Although I do admit that I think Ost Horai is a prime candidate to be next in line to join Naofumi's crew. She meets all of the criteria so far. Mysterious background, unique powers, none human and seems to respect Naofumi much more than regular humans. I think this Spirit Tortoise plotline is just a plot device to gather all the characters in one place. I think the big plot this season will likely surround the conspiracy to revive the spirit tortoise. Who did that and why?

    • Okay so Naofumi and his crew have a new problem! The waves have stopped and they now have to deal with the something called the Spirit Tortoise. Its sad that the other cardinal heroes have decided not to help out. You would think that after all that they went through together in the 1st season they'd be trying to work together and improve their teamwork to be better prepared for the waves. Episode 1 is mostly set up. Nothing huge has been revealed yet.

      • This anime came out of nowhere and completely surprised me
      • There have been few anime characters that I have disliked as much as Rachel
      • What makes tower of god so interesting to me is the mystery.
      • I can't wait for Crunchyroll to announce season 2, we all know its coming.
    • We all knew this was coming one day. News has been trickling in lately that Crunchyroll is starting to stream some Funimation anime in addition to its own.

      Crunchyroll is definitely going to be the dominant anime powerhouse for the foreseeable future.

      With manga producers having fewer options to set up lucrative licensing deals with anime specific streaming providers, it makes me wonder if at some point they will just get together and make their own streaming provider.

      I'm also curious to see if PlayStation doesn't announce some kind of Xbox gamepass alternative that includes access to PlayStation games, Sony movies and Crunchyroll anime. It feels like a natural progression


      JuJutsu Kaisen movie release date is March 18th. I don't expect it to have a Demon Slayer type of release, but I do expect it to do well.

    • Finally....Shield Hero is returning!

      I am really excited for season 2. When I first saw the thumbnail, particularly that fire, I was thinking that they were going to really up the ante in terms of visuals. Maybe go for a Ufotable like style with Demon Slayer. But after the trailer started running, it seems to be the same art style. Which isn't a bad thing!  I just got a little extra hype for a moment, because as I'm sure all anime fans out there can agree, that Ufotable did an awesome job with the animation in Demon Slayer season 2. I imagine that it won't be too long before studios start copying their animation style. 

      As far as The Rising of The Shield Hero, they've told a pretty good story so far, and they've told it extremely well. I can't wait to see what's next! As long as the Shield Hero finally starts getting his props I'll be happy.

      April 2022 can't come soon enough! They haven't announced an exact release day yet, but at least we have the month! 🤩

    • Episode 11 was a mixed bag for me.

      I of course enjoyed seeing Tanjiro and the gang survive. Someone like Nezuko or another Hashira was my guess to save everyone from the technique at the end.

      I also liked seeing Nezuko show that she's truly supporting the slayer corps. I don't want anybody of the other Hashira speaking out against her now! If they do, Tanjiro better hold his breath and let them know its not gonna fly!

      What I didn't like about this episode was that we spent so much time on Daki and Gyutaro! I suspected a flashback would be coming, but it took up soooo much of the episode. I think it was a bad idea to put such a long segment focusing only on those two into the final episode of the season. Again, I think the flashback was quality and well executed but the placement was just horrendous.

      As a fan I wanted to see how Tanjiro is doing, how Tengen and his wives were doing, Inosuke and Zenistu were holding up. I wanted to see the slayer Corps support squad come in and start cleaning up the scene talking about the battle. I wanted to see Nezuko and Tanjiro and the crew get some recognition from the corps. I wanted a lot more than what we got.

      Episode 11 is quality. I'm not dissatisfied with it but I expected it to give me some content that would hold me over till next season and give me something to think about while I wait.

      Overall this season was fantastic. A little short but with this quality of animation, who cares!

      Episode 9 was still one of the best episodes ever.

      I can't wait to see more!😁

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